sexta-feira, 19 de julho de 2019


Hello to all my friends, today I finished the construction of Panhard & Levassor, I want to thank everyone, the availability and interest in following this compilation, during the nine months that this work lasted.
As all my models have an associated history, this also has, it was the first automobile that came to Portugal in the year 1895, purchased in Paris France, by the Count of Avilez.
As you can see it is a still very archaic car, it looks more like a horse-drawn car, than an automobile, but it was the first car in the world with great reliability, most likely the Daimler engine of German origin will have helped in that direction.
This miniature is built to scale 1/8, and materials were used in the construction as close as possible to the original, you can see here some photos of this compilation, wish you like and appreciate, this miniature will be on display at the National Museum of Cars, where the original is found.

segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2019


Front seat construction and assembly of the radio control system and lamps, some photos as I make the miniature strings in the miniature strand of homemade manufacture, there are 3 the thicknesses necessary for borders the seats, back and elbows. the construction is near the end, some more tuning and calibration, some photos to see this compilation, I hope you like to see.

The first pictures are how the strings are twisted
 The 3 thicknesses needed to line the seats.
 Sponge used for the back of the seat, 2mm thick.
tuning the natural leather to line the back of the seat.

 how the leather is baked in the holder

Back and seat backrest almost completed.

 Homemade construction artifact to crease the leather, imitating the stitches.

The various stages of housing of the components of radio control and lighting of lamps.

sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2019


Hello to all my friends, whether you are coming to my blog where you can follow step by step, the construction of Panhard & Levassor,
Only now was it possible to find the leather with the right color and the same color as the original, to make the seat upholstery, this greenish tone was used a lot to cover the seats of the cars at that time.
so I had taken a break from this job. although I did some tests with black skin that did not correspond to the original, and after trying to dye some skins that I had but without success. Thanks to my friend Rui, from Domingos & Nogueira, this barrier was overcome, so I set to work, and the seats are now being built, plus some photos and explanations of how this work is done.

 These are the various phases of building the seat upholstery, and the materials used in this work.

 As you can see, in this photo of the original the color tone of the leather is a greenish tone.
 The rear seats are now complete, as you can see.

 As you can see the part of radio control, aida in test, will be installed under the front seat, there are 2 channels one for the direction and another one for the variador of speed.

sexta-feira, 21 de junho de 2019


Hello to all my friends, welcome to my blog. today I will present the first assembly with all the pieces already built, to test and tune the assembly, however there is still a lot of work to be done until the car is finished, such as upholstering the front and rear seats, painting, connecting the lamps and the engine etc. some more photos to elucidate all this work.

 End of gear selector construction.
 The various stages of assembly, still provisional, for testing and tuning the components already built.