sábado, 9 de junho de 2018

royal mail coach nº 5

Progress of the carriage malaposta nº 5, today I will show how the construction of the interior of the cart is made, the cushioning of the seats, folders and other parts of the interior, this whole part is lined with white leather, blue carpets and ceiling lining is in light brown fabric, plus some photos to better understand this progression. The assembly is still temporary, it is used to refine and adjust all the accessories and details before setting the cover, because after fixing, it is no longer possible to do anything inside , then these parts should be tested several times so that everything runs smoothly. and nothing is missing, as I said that all parts of the interior are still temporarily fitted, this will be the last step before the cover is repaired.
Some more photos of this work for better clarification.

These are some of the stages of construction of the seats, made in natural white leather.

 this is a natural product to protect and beautify the leather.

View of the interior, through the left door, being possible to see the ceiling lining in light brown fabric.

 In these two photos you can see the tensioning straps of the doors.

domingo, 3 de junho de 2018

carriage of the malaposta nº 5

Hello to all my friends, today I will show you some progress in the construction of the Malaposta nº 5 carriage, the folding stirrups with nº 5, the number of the carriage, the construction of the lance, or pole, and the shotgun that was part of the carriage as element of protection to the values and mail carried, some photos for better evaluation.

 fold-away access to the passenger compartment.

 The pole is already finished.

. Stages of the construction of the shotgun, the wood used is in beech the steel barrel and the belt in natural leather.

Here is the shotgun stored in the safe where it will be, back between the roof and the rear seat.

domingo, 20 de maio de 2018

report on my modeling work.

Today I'm going to show a television story about my modeling work, since many years ago when I started building miniature boats, to this day in the construction of cars and carriages, surely my friends do not understand what I say in Portuguese, but you would like to see my work in the various areas of modeling, this was my last boat, a very interesting frigate made from the plans bought at the naval museum in Lisbon, and built on the 1/96 scale. a very interesting T.V. report, I hope you enjoy watching.

Following the construction of the trunk carriage, I will show you how to make the roof seats and also the first layer of primer on the body of the carriage, plus some photos to elucidate this work.

The various stages of construction of the seats

 Fine quality leather is used to give a more perfect and flexible finish.

Metal nail heads painted black are used to give the effect of buttons on the cushions

The first coat of primary paint before the final paint, which has 2 colors, black and yellow.

sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2018

Railings, of the seats continued.

Since the 3 seats are different in size and configuration, it is necessary to make a mold for each one, after finishing the welding of the railings it is convenient to give a primer coat in order to protect the iron wire, in order not to oxidize, some advantages of this material used in this construction, for the first time, due to the lack of brass wire, is that it receives the paint better and is firmer in the moldings and curvatures, however requires harder wood molds, such as oak, also already built the chock of the wheel, as can be seen. in the following photos.