quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2016

In the meantime I have made some advances in the hardware of the front undercarriage, the fifth wheel also has some advances, this part is fixed to the lower part of the body, the lower part of the 5th wheel is fixed by means of bars and crossbeams to the shaft, which Allows the axle to rotate in both directions, this is the first time I build an axle in which the 5th wheel has these characteristics, quite complex and difficult to perform, but like all the work I have done, with calm patience and disposition everything will be Done as usual, here I am sending some more photos of this progress.
I also take advantage of the fact that we are in this festive season to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a New Year full of happiness and health.

 Welding of the 5th wheel rim fixing lugs
 By testing the fifth wheel support plate that is attached to the carriage body underneath.

The spring bundles are not yet finished, they are in the adjustment phase

 Construção e afinação dos braços, barra dianteira e 5ª roda

sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2016

One of the great advantages of this model, is when we are bored or anything is not going well, is to be able to move to another part of the carriage, it was a little that happened, after the body was almost finished, I started with the hardware, Which is a job I particularly like to do, so I started with the suspension springs and shafts, I also gave an advance on the locks and key of the safe doors, the locks are different from one another, one opens to the left and one to the left. On the right, the key is composed of 3 parts welded to silver, body ring and pawl, the suspension springs are made from steel sheets 6 mm wide, the eyelets of the master springs are welded to silver.
As a picture is worth a thousand words here are some photos of the progress of this work of the hardware of the carriage of malaposta, I hope you like and appreciate, thank you for seeing.

 Construction of spring bundles

 Steel sheets, from which the springs are made
 Silver soldering eyes on master springs

 Front spindles completed

 Lock and key construction

 Placing and testing the lock on the door of the safe, right side, on the right door the key opens to the left side, on the left side the key opens to the right side.

sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2016

Finally, the carriage of the malapostat begins to take shape, after fixing all the parts which temporarily fix with springs, have been fixed in their respective places, all the ribs and promenores are already fixed also, and so it is ready for the whole body of the body. Carriage to carry the first layer of primer in order to protect the wood and make some more refinements, the interior for later, then beginning with a lower part of the carriage, all as necessary fittings like springs earrings eye locks etc etc .the doors Are also almost ready, lacking to paint and fine tune small details in order to stay to open and close properly, more photos of this progress hope you enjoy and appreciate.

 Fixing the lamp location

 Fixing and adjustment of the front doors
 Fixing the front panel grille
 Placement of side frames and windows
 Front door tuning

he carriage body is ready for the first primer layer

Construction of the door lining, are bordered with a bezel around it, this cord was made by me in the mini rope, for the scale 1/10 with the appropriate colors

 Front door left side finished, inside, paint missing

quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

After trimming the doors and windows, there is a very exhaustive work to be done, the formatting of the doors requires special care, it is necessary to take into account the play to compensate the painting, and rely on the interior panel decorations, since it has to Be adjusted so that the doors open and close without rubbing on the pillars, even so, during the winter the wood has contractions and dilations that hinder the proper functioning of these elements,

Some doors already have the cushions to test the thickness and thus to level the inside stops as well as the hinges and locks, you can see the decoration of the cushion in capitonê with the French knots, the doors of the safe are bordered with a metal ring Of profile half cane were already painted with a coat of black ink to fine tune the color and the slack, some more photos to see and to know these works.

sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2016

Construction of doors, windows and friezes, window glass is 2 mm thick, is cut to the right size of each window, as it has different measures, the doors are also already all cut out and begin to be formatted, the window frames Windows are cut into plywood of 0.60 mm, each window takes 2 frames, one exterior and one interior, the friezes have various thicknesses as the original,
Many people have questioned me if I have the panels made, because I do not fix them soon in the respective sites, because the experience I have of this work over several years, for two main reasons I keep the assembly set up provisionally until almost finished , First it is much easier to work, correct and fine tune the various pieces, and in case there is any mistake, mistake or omission of any detail, it is necessary to break what was already fixed, so I adopted this puzzle type system, more laborious And time consuming, but much more efficient and detailed, plus some photos of the progress of doors and windows. I hope you enjoy it.

 Cut the glass to the right size of each window

Trimming the doors of the safe and the front

 Cardboard moldings are made to form the frames and windows of the front doors

 A reference line is made all around the body of the carriage which serves to align all the parts to be pinned accurately.