sábado, 21 de maio de 2016

After fixed the top cover, after all tuned, I gave the first primer coat, put the ribs on the side guards and back, with the cover, it is possible to start rehearsing the accessories that are based on top, as the system braking, the driver's seat, the support of the feet, flashlight and hardware such as handles and stirrups, missing after making connections to the flashlight and connections of the brake, this is a more complex system that I have seen it has the handle bar command attached to a chain, this in turn is connected to a breaker bar that triggers a lever that activates by means of a chain and tie triggers trazeira bar acting on the wheels, here are some pictures to elucidate about the progress.

quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2016

Although almost over opinion, the mail-coach the coach still has a lot of work to be completed, the first cover is complete, missing the second cover, which covers the whole of the roof, as well as the baggage door, where set the driver's seat and the brake and lantern is a very complex and difficult part of making, by inclination and angles that make up this part of the carriage in front of the roof, the top cover is fixed with screws and glued with epoxy resin because the curvature of the cover, this resin is more efficient and useful because the pressure on the side flaps, to make this cover which is made of 1.5 mm plywood is first made in a mold with all contours cardstock and prominors, and after all tuned is then cut plywood with the exact size, here are some pictures of these prominors