segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2015


This is perhaps my next challenge, I will start very soon. As you know, all my thumbnail animal-drawn vehicles, has a very interesting historical component, hence my interest in building them, but the big problem is that there are no building plans of the same anywhere in the world, then redoubled my work because I have to study the piece, make sketches, drawings, many measurements, many photographs and surveys in order to build the vehicle shall desired ratio, this most common 1/10 case, then there's the issue of bonds joints and parts that are not visible and therefore does not have any idea of ​​how they will be made, finally! a world of imagination and creativity is essential to perform this type of work so exciting for me.
After doing a thorough research in libraries and internet, here are some photos of this magnificent carriage Malaposta that in 1859 and 1864 made the connection between Lisbon Coimbra and Porto, and it took between Lisbon and Coimbra about 40 hours. a speed for that time without alcatroadas.espero roads you enjoy and appreciate this chariot.

sábado, 17 de outubro de 2015

the end of the restoration and conservation of the Napoleonic state coach

as you can see, restoration and conservation of the Napoleonic state coach, is complete after some time and some obstacles overcome by lack of materials suitable for this type of work.
the parts that were in better condition have been restored and preserved, those that were broken and missing were made again from the original plan of GM Fischers Body Craftsman Guild.
This carriage, the history they have and being a part with almost a hundred years, is now one of my favorite models, soon it will be present in a display of all my coaches that I will do in the next month of November to February in the Algarve , people will like very much to see this restored coach.
I will also briefly here show what will be my next job, a 1859.espero mail carriage appreciate and enjoy seeing these photos.

domingo, 4 de outubro de 2015

after a short break, it's time to begin restoring this coach with almost a hundred years old, it is clear that this is a job that requires time and care in construction, it is important to preserve the parts that are well preserved, the that are broken or missing they are done again, from GM's original plan as always I like to start my coaches with the construction of the wheels, beam, axes and all the lower body, here I leave some photos of this work, in order to assess this recovery.