sábado, 24 de setembro de 2016

After some difficulties in obtaining materials for the lanterns, as the LEDs with proper color tone wire for the installation of 0.50 mm and support for button cells, the magnetic switch to light the lamps, but with patience, calm and presistência all was resolved, and the lanterns are finished and ready to use when the time comes to be put in place. the next job will be as always the construction of the wheels, which I will address in my next article, I hope you like to see, here are the latest final construction photos of the lanterns, thank you for your visit.

sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2016

As I had promised, the two carriage lanterns are almost ready, left to do the electrical installation and painting, as you can see the material used is the acrylic glass sheet metal for the body of the lamp and various tube thicknesses for arms chimney and the bottom of the lamp, I have no great way to explain the construction of the pieces, but as always tell if a picture is worth a thousand words, based on this saying here are some photos so they can better understand the construction the lamps, I hope you enjoy and appreciate.

These are the materials from which they are built the lamps

é feito um molde em madeira para formatar o corpo do candeeiro.

cortando o vidro acrílico para a forma desejada neste caso 20x20 mm

 before starting a mold is made on cardboard to the forms of the lamp body

as I do not have a bushing 4 Tips on around I improvised this jig with very good results 
the front flap of the lamp is turned to the measures required in this case 25 mm outside diameter and 18 mm inside

The lamp consists of 11 pieces in total which are then welded. and painted

as you can see the lamps are already almost finished, lacking the electrical connection and the final painting.

domingo, 11 de setembro de 2016

carruagem da malaposta nº 7

After almost all field work finished, it's time to start going all the measurements and sketches for the role in order to start the construction of the carriage Malaposta No. 7. There is still some work that you need to perform, how to gather the tools and materials needed for this purpose, but all will be achieved with patience and calm as always,
  Soon I will start with the construction of the two lamps, contrary to what is usual, as always I like to start the wheels, but the request of a friend of mine, Chuck, the United States, which also shares the same passion for coaches in miniature, he he asked me to mostrat how do the lamps, and as there is no obligation to start with a certain part of the carriage, and is a piece that has to be done, is already complete.
Here send some pictures of the beginning of carriage designs, hope you like to see you soon.
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 in this picture you can see the last restoration of the carriage, made in 1911, a well-restored gem.