sábado, 29 de outubro de 2016

As you can see from the photos, I have not been to the construction of the carriage!, The panels are all finished, windows, doors and vents are already cut, as can watch the rear panel tm a color different from the others, it was built epoxy resin, but this resin has against take too long to solidify, whereby the other panels utilized resin polyester, there have a lower price, it solidifies quickly, although it has the same quality all panels will be reinforced, eventually have the same consistency of other resin can also see the inner structure where the panels will be fixed, but everything is still provisionally fixed the yard he also provisional.but some pictures for better assessment of progress .

 cutting the space of windows

 rear panel with the already trimmed door

 testing the panels in the interior structure of the body

already cut back door

the forward panel construction

 test panels in the side body structure

segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2016

After a short interregnum, I'm back to continue the construction of the Malaposta carriage panels, the panels have been molded in glass fivra as you can see, this is a job a little tedious by the smell of resin dust caused by sanding and waste glass fivra, but it's a job that needs to be done, although there is still a huge following work, tune all panels to the right and certain dimensions, to then open the tears of doors windows and vents, here are some pictures to see and follow this build also some pictures of the exhibition this weekend in Egypt's Palace in Oeiras, I attended with some of my pieces, and was visited by many people, hope you like to see .

quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2016

Start of construction of the carbody of Malaposta, as you can see, this part is one of the most complex and difficult to implement, there are several ways to do this construction, easy and simple, but I prefer this more time consuming and difficult method, but with greater results in promenor and beauty of the model, the construction of the side panels, front and rear, are not flat, but curved in orizontal and vertical, so I do these separate parts, and after duly desempoladas using it sércias to compare the camber of the parties, are fixed in their places, but first I do matrices wood, to the negative and then the original fiberglass, here are some photos in order to elucidate the way I do these panels.

sábado, 8 de outubro de 2016

finished wheels, now finished the construction of the four carriage wheels, you can see that also the inner and outer rims of the cube as well as washers and lock nuts have also done, I gave a primer coat to protect wood wheel, the painting will be for later, will still be necessary to give one or two layers of primer, and only at the end paint and wheel rims, which remains.
some pictures of them completed, for your consideration, I hope you like to see.

quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2016

Start of construction of the Malaposta chariot wheels, the wheels These are very similar to the previous carriage built, I'm not going to dwell too much with details of the construction of the same, the materials are Also the same as the beechwood to the wheels and spokes the hub is made of alder wood, the frames are metal. even so I think They will like to see how I do, here are some photos of the build, hope you like to see.