segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2016

Well, as promised in the previous post here I am showing how to make the carriage lamp French Malaposta at the time I went to the museum to take the measurements and photos to coach only had the lamp holder, but I know this vehicle would surely have at least two or three lanterns, as circulated much the roads at night, I could only find in the investigations I did a picture with the single lamp, so here it is done and working, the material used in construction was the acrylic glass, of 0.20 mm metal sheet turning metal rod of 5 mm, boxwood to the stack, an LED 3 ve two stacks of three wires each v button to the connection are 0 25 mm thick to go inside the lamp holder arm is the only part that is not yet complete, because only after the finished ceiling is possible to determine the length of the lantern bracket, here are some pictures to have an idea of ​​how I do this work, I hope you like to see.

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