domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

Carriage bag put 7, this magnificent elegant and comfortable Belgian origin of carriage will be my next challenge in the near future, this beautiful and well maintained carriage copy is on display at the Museum of coaches in Lisbon.
She was carrying mail and passengers between Lisbon Coimbra and Porto between 1855 and 1864, it took between Lisbon and Porto about 34 hours, a real espresso for that time. repair in the comfort and elegance of the interior, to minimize the bumps of holes in the roads, but this comfort was just within reach of the most well-heeled passengers with fewer opportunities traveling on the roof to protected only by tarpaulins covering the baggage, the price of transport 1st class was 13 $ 50 between Lisbon and harbor a fortune for the time between Lisbon and porto there were 23 stations change horses and took about five minutes each, time deemed necessary for this purpose.
Here are some pictures of this elegant carriage, which briefly here begin to show the construction, I hope you enjoy and appreciate this work.

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