domingo, 11 de setembro de 2016

carruagem da malaposta nº 7

After almost all field work finished, it's time to start going all the measurements and sketches for the role in order to start the construction of the carriage Malaposta No. 7. There is still some work that you need to perform, how to gather the tools and materials needed for this purpose, but all will be achieved with patience and calm as always,
  Soon I will start with the construction of the two lamps, contrary to what is usual, as always I like to start the wheels, but the request of a friend of mine, Chuck, the United States, which also shares the same passion for coaches in miniature, he he asked me to mostrat how do the lamps, and as there is no obligation to start with a certain part of the carriage, and is a piece that has to be done, is already complete.
Here send some pictures of the beginning of carriage designs, hope you like to see you soon.
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 in this picture you can see the last restoration of the carriage, made in 1911, a well-restored gem.

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