sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2016

Construction of doors, windows and friezes, window glass is 2 mm thick, is cut to the right size of each window, as it has different measures, the doors are also already all cut out and begin to be formatted, the window frames Windows are cut into plywood of 0.60 mm, each window takes 2 frames, one exterior and one interior, the friezes have various thicknesses as the original,
Many people have questioned me if I have the panels made, because I do not fix them soon in the respective sites, because the experience I have of this work over several years, for two main reasons I keep the assembly set up provisionally until almost finished , First it is much easier to work, correct and fine tune the various pieces, and in case there is any mistake, mistake or omission of any detail, it is necessary to break what was already fixed, so I adopted this puzzle type system, more laborious And time consuming, but much more efficient and detailed, plus some photos of the progress of doors and windows. I hope you enjoy it.

 Cut the glass to the right size of each window

Trimming the doors of the safe and the front

 Cardboard moldings are made to form the frames and windows of the front doors

 A reference line is made all around the body of the carriage which serves to align all the parts to be pinned accurately.

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