sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

Construction of the carriage cover.
The plank that makes up all the main cover, is composed of wood of cone, with the width of 10 mm and 2 mm of thickness, is made a mold with the dimensions of the carriage and the boards are glued together, after drying the glue, A fine fiberglass mesh with epoxy resin is applied to give consistency and reinforcement of the entire cover, the finish of the cover is made on the site after fixing on the carriage, plus some photos of this work done today, I hope you like to see .

 The various phases of construction of the roofing plank

 Several molds are fixed on the cover to maintain the upper curvature of the plank.

 View of the interior cover, without the interior lining
The cover is ready for final tuning.

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