domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015


 Well, after some time in white, it's time to show new works that I built over the years. I will show the second landau for me built about five years ago. This landau has a very sad story! but the story is such good things and things sad. in this landau followed the Portuguese royal family on an official trip, when King Carlos and his son were murdered, thus ending the monarchy in Portugal. it happened on 1 February 1908. Thus began the Republic of Portugal on 5 October 1910. This landau is on display at the National Coach Museum in Lisbon, is a Portuguese home construction Part FJOliveira in 1900. I built this landau scale 1/10, everything works like the original, the soft top opens and closes the doors open and close, the windows go up and down, the lights turn on and off, the brake works, the springs are made of steel, a touch swing, the left side of the door has two bullet holes, and the wheel hub has my name engraved, the roof is made of leather and the interior is lined in blue silk.

these two pictures is an exhibition of my coaches in Cascais, the lady on the right is the director of the National Museum of coaches, I show how everything works.

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