quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2016

As you can see, the carriage set suitcase is ready and prepared to take the last coat of paint, which will cover the entire surface of black color, as I have no greenhouse painting'm waiting for days of heat and no moisture, for this work ,.
But I'm moving in the construction of another part of the carriage, which is not very common it be in sight in exhibitions, but it is a piece of paramount importance in these animal-drawn vehicles, boom, it is the link between the carriage and the teams of horses, has the task of pulling the carriage and also braking on downhill stretches, and also keep the teams lined horses in the routes when this bar was breaking was a very dangerous disaster because the vehicles were unguided and without control, which It gave rise when this happened to many fatalities, as published in many chronic related to these vehicles, so I made sure to build this piece so important in these vehicles. some photos to assess this construction.

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