sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2016

Finally, the carriage of the malapostat begins to take shape, after fixing all the parts which temporarily fix with springs, have been fixed in their respective places, all the ribs and promenores are already fixed also, and so it is ready for the whole body of the body. Carriage to carry the first layer of primer in order to protect the wood and make some more refinements, the interior for later, then beginning with a lower part of the carriage, all as necessary fittings like springs earrings eye locks etc etc .the doors Are also almost ready, lacking to paint and fine tune small details in order to stay to open and close properly, more photos of this progress hope you enjoy and appreciate.

 Fixing the lamp location

 Fixing and adjustment of the front doors
 Fixing the front panel grille
 Placement of side frames and windows
 Front door tuning

he carriage body is ready for the first primer layer

Construction of the door lining, are bordered with a bezel around it, this cord was made by me in the mini rope, for the scale 1/10 with the appropriate colors

 Front door left side finished, inside, paint missing

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