sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2016

One of the great advantages of this model, is when we are bored or anything is not going well, is to be able to move to another part of the carriage, it was a little that happened, after the body was almost finished, I started with the hardware, Which is a job I particularly like to do, so I started with the suspension springs and shafts, I also gave an advance on the locks and key of the safe doors, the locks are different from one another, one opens to the left and one to the left. On the right, the key is composed of 3 parts welded to silver, body ring and pawl, the suspension springs are made from steel sheets 6 mm wide, the eyelets of the master springs are welded to silver.
As a picture is worth a thousand words here are some photos of the progress of this work of the hardware of the carriage of malaposta, I hope you like and appreciate, thank you for seeing.

 Construction of spring bundles

 Steel sheets, from which the springs are made
 Silver soldering eyes on master springs

 Front spindles completed

 Lock and key construction

 Placing and testing the lock on the door of the safe, right side, on the right door the key opens to the left side, on the left side the key opens to the right side.

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