domingo, 5 de março de 2017

As I mentioned in the previous article, I was going to begin the construction of the interior of the carriage, so I started with the back of the front seat, to test the various phases of the construction with the materials used, I also gave some more advances in the part of the pavement, Where the driver lays his feet, although this part will also only be completed after the cover is completed, taking advantage of the good days, I also gave a layer of paint on the panels to test the ideal color tone, plus some photos for better appreciation.

 This is the method I use for the seat backrests. A 1 mm sponge strip is glued to the buds to give the desired effect.
 Back already lined with genuine fur, ready to start making the French knots.
 Beginning of the construction of the French nodes

 Front seatrest already completed, and in place for adjustments.

 This is the material used to line the seats, the base of the seat is made of alder wood, the most suitable for this purpose, sponge 1 mm thick for the buds, rope, black to sew the skin and incarnate to the knots French.
 As you can see I took advantage of some good days to test the ideal paint color of the side panels, front and back, the black color as already tested, will be applied there for more final.

 Construction of the subway, where the driver puts his feet, this part is only completed after the cover placed.

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