sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2017

Today I finished the construction of the top of the brake, despite this part of the brake that runs through the top of the carriage cover, so it will be fixed practically at the end of the construction, but I took advantage of the packaging in the brake construction and so this is already completed , Then make some adjustments and adjustments when mounted on the site, but easy. The next floor will be the construction of the upholstery of the seats and interior panels, everything will be lined with genuin leather, here I will show how this work is done. For now here are some photos of the end of the brake construction, I hope you like to see.

 Endless test set
 Crank and fixture bracket completed.
 The worm housing will be secured to the cover above the safe

 The upper brake assembly is finished, this part will be covered by a guard that covers the whole assembly.
 Some details of this construction.

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