terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2016

After the entire structure fixed to the base, I'll start at the front compartment, ie the 2nd class compartment, the entire interior is lined and padded to natural skin capitone, this is a very peculiar work, I particularly like to run by grace and great beauty it gives the model after completion of this work are used various materials, as the basis for the skin fixation is plywood 0.60 mm 0.50 mm sponge, the material that mimics the French knots are heads of head pins painted with the color shown, the sponge is then cut X to give form shown, the seats are made more or less the same way, the base is lined timber with sponge and covered with the skin equal to the side. the seat is bordered wired twisted by me in my cordage thumbnail, this cord leads 12 line rows, with 4 per reel, the part of the front windows from the inside, they take a frame of wood mahogany varnished the bottom of the windows takes a padded panel also skin, the three front windows are fixed, although giving the idea of ​​opening and closing, will bring the strips pull the windows to give greater realism, a few more images of this progress I hope you like to see if they have any ac observation

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