sábado, 23 de abril de 2016

Final construction of the panels and seats. finally those parts of the carriage are practically completed, there are 15 panels and three seats, however will only be fixed into place after painting made so as to not damage or get ink on the panels and seats today gave a first ink layer yellow, but frankly ran me very badly, painting is the most thankless part to do, because there is no mathematical formula to make this work, where time itself has some influence, though I already be familiar with the inks tamiya that I think are the best quality, there are many factors that must be very well combined so that everything goes well, the air pressure, typically 2 bar, the mixture with solvent, temperature, airbrush clogging, and distance between the airbrush and the parties to pintar.aqui are the photos of the work done now, hope you like to see.

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