terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2016

Many people are wondering, how is my workshop, what tools I use and what materials I use to build my miniature coaches, I mean that my workshop is a small, simple garage, I have to take the car to the street to be able to work with some more space and convenience, as you can see in the images. the tools are the standard for the implementation of this type of work, a part of this tool is built for me in accordance with the requirements for the desired construction, minitorno is the most expensive tool piece that I have, it is essential for a better quality of work, I have seen some people with imagination and creativity using an ordinary drill with excellent results in any major shopping center you can find all the necessary tools to modeling in general. as miniberbequins saws, files, pliers, chisels, gouges, soldering iron, glue etc. etc. The materials used are many and varied, from various woods, plywood of various thicknesses, various fabrics, natural leather for lining interiors, various types of adhesives, paints, haberdashery materials, sheets and metal rods of various thicknesses, sheet gold and silver for gilding and silvering, etc etc. So here are some pictures of my workshop and some of my tools.

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