sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2017

Construction of the carriage braking system, this system is quite complex to build, it is composed of many moving components, from the drive crank in place of the driver up to the wheel chocks, consists of levers, worm bars, pulley , Chain, rocker, tie rods, tensioners, brake rear bar connections, steel central spring bar supports, side supports of the bar fixing plates, and finally the shims that are fixed to the ends of the brake bar, this It's like they see a somewhat slow and demanding job, I'll say throughout the construction how this works.
However, I would like to tell the admirers of this work that R T P did a report on these works, last week, here I leave the link for this short but interesting report, I hope you like to see.  

 Brake shoe cutout, beechwood

Test of the brake rod chocks and the steel springs of the brake rod fastening
 Bar alignment, shims and bar support

 Shims already bolted to the bar, and alignment of the side supports of the bar.

The side supports of the bar after being aligned and centered are screwed

Clearance between wheel and shim 4 mm

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