domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2017

Construction of the rear axle fittings, the suspension of the rear wheels, consists of 3 spring bundles with 11 blades each, two lateral bundles and one cross section, which supports the weight of the carriage behind, through a bar that connects the beam Of springs and the base of the carriage, the rims of the wheels were also already constructed, here are some images of the sequence of these constructions, I hope you like to see.

 Transverse spring beam with connecting eyes
 Rear axle with attached suspension springs
 In the detail of the transverse springs, each beam is composed of 11 steel springs of 0.75 mm thickness
 Suporte dianteiro das molas traseiras.
 Detail of the connection of the lateral and transverse springs through the earrings
 Detail of the lateral springs support front and rear
 Construction of the transverse, back support supporting the weight of the carriage and the transverse beam.

Carriage fully supported on suspension springs for tuning.
 Detail of the rear suspension with the respective unions through the earrings

 Homemade callandra construction to bend the wheel rims, not very nice, but works properly.

 Welding of wheel rims

Aros das rodas terminados.

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