sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2017

Further progress in the construction of the carriage of the malaposta, today I finished the construction of the front undercarriage, which includes the 5th and the whole system of fixing and reinforcements of the front axle, I also want to say with curiosity that this work of the front axle were Used 66 nuts and bolts, also made by me, these nuts have the peculiarity of being of square section, what there is in the market the section of thread is m 2, the next place is to do the yard to start the whole set of hardware Which composes the rear axle, also quite complex and delicate, a meticulous but meticulous but passionate work, here are some photos to appreciate this conclusion. I hope you enjoy this work.

 Turning of the heads of the splinter bar, in aluminum

 Passenger access steps completed

Splinter bar complete with fixed heads and steps
 The skids of the stirrups are endowed with anti-slip perforations

 Bottom of the complete and finished axle
 Support and reinforcements of the 5th wheel

Hook and tongue brake, the brake is secured by a safety chain
 View of the lower part of the shaft with all reinforcements and fittings already attached.
 upper and lower gear complet

Panoramic view of the whole, with the rear axle still to be completed

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