sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2017

Construction of folding steps, normally access to this type of vehicles only has 2 folding steps, but this carriage, as it is very high
She has 3 retractable steps which makes the construction a lot harder to do, as you can see the top skate is more than double that of the bottom skate, but today it's almost finished as you can see, I'm also working on the brake system, As you can see the joints and rods that connect the brake rod to the rocker are practically finished, but this whole system is still provisional since all these parts will work as in the real model, it is necessary to make several tests of operations and adjustments , Here are some photos for a better understanding of these moving parts.
 Rehearsal and tuning of the joints and tensioners of connection to the rocker

 Inverted view of the rods and rocker connection joints

Start of the fold-up steps

 Support for the construction of steps

 Cover and support of the steps when collected
 Testing of the steps at the fixation site

The steps all unfolded below all gathered inside the support

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