sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2017

Continuing the construction of the brake system, in the images below it is possible to follow the progress of the brakes, in this case the construction of the rocker, which connects the brake bar tensioners to the brake drive crank. Since a part of the brake control works over the top of the carriage, and this is the last part to be made, this part of the brake will be suspended until there, however the chain and the control pulley are already started, the Pulley has a recess with the profile of the chain for sliding, do not become twisted, the chain is also already welded to the bar of the rocker. The photos for better understanding of this complex brake system, I hope you enjoy watching.

 Alignment of the rocker and tie rods to the brake rod

 The rocker consists of two parts one fixed and the other movable with 3 joints, the alignment and calibration of this part is very important for the proper operation of the brake contr
 Here the rocker is already fixed in place, and the rods of the brake rod are also already fixed and aligned on the site.
A first layer of primer has already been given to the rear fittings to protect these components


The chain sheave has a groove with the profile of the chain, so when the chain slides, do not curl

 The chain has already been welded to the control rod of the rocker,
As you can see this part of the brake control works over the top of the carriage, so it can only be terminated when it is placed, thus getting the brake finished for later.

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