quarta-feira, 26 de julho de 2017

At the end of the construction of the carriage in the suitcase nº 7, at the end of a year and four months, today another work of my collection finished.
It is important to divulge some of the history that is associated with this carriage of the mail,
In 1859, with the completion of the road between Lisbon and Porto, the daily careers of the malaposta between Lisbon (Carregado) and Porto about 300 km were started with 23 moulting stations, taking about 5 minutes, to exchange horses, It took approximately 34 hours between the two routes and the price in first class from Lisbon to Porto was 13 $ 50.
But with the industrial and technological development of the time the train was a serious threat to the continuation of the carriages of the mail, which came to happen on July 7, 1864, with the inauguration of the train between Lisbon and Porto, thus making the last The journey of this chariot, and therefore most likely, in commemoration of the good services rendered by this magnificent chariot, was assigned the No. 7 date of the last service rendered in the transport of mail, passengers and parcels.
I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this compilation throughout the construction time, I also want to say that all comments, comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcome as it is a way to improve and make the blog more participatory in the future.
My sincere thanks to all who accompanied this building, thank you to everyone.
Painting in tiles, immortalizing the passage of the carriage of the suitcase, where it was the moulting station of horses Nº 16 between Lisbon and Porto, this stop is today a magnificent restaurant that preserved this important memory, in the locality of Malaposta.

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