domingo, 16 de julho de 2017

Construction of the railing of the roof, the structure of the railing is made of 2 mm metal and welded to tin, shims are placed along the lower railing so that the height of the rails is equal throughout the roof, Be welded washers at the base of the railing fitting with the cover, as a flap keeping it secured and welded, the same height all the way around, as you can see.

The various stages of construction of the railing.

 As you can see, shims are placed in 10 mm high wood in order to keep the same height of the railing all the way around. A corner mold is also made to weld the corners of the railing.

 The shims retain the same height (10 mm) to weld the back grid.

 Shingles in boxwood to border the entire roof.
The grid is finished, it is necessary to weld the washers in the fixing bases and to paint.

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