quarta-feira, 12 de julho de 2017

Continuing the construction of the carriage of the suitcase, today I will show the back compartment, already finished and ready to fix the main cover, as you can see this cover is glued and nailed with small nails in the corners for better alignment of the set, These steel springs, made from mattress springs, are very useful and practical for this purpose, some photos for a better understanding of this work.

View the inside of the rear compartment, testing every detail, before securing the liner and cover.
 The rear seat is articulated to allow passengers to enter and exit, in this model the seat is equally functional, as you can see.

 Everything is ready for fixing the liner and inner cover.

The liner will be secured together with the first cover, as it is very difficult to access the interior to secure the tape that borders the entire interior next to the ceiling, this tape is fixed before the liner is glued.

The lining is already fixed well as the strips that line the ceiling.
 Beginning the placement of the main carriage cover, this is a critical job, because if something goes wrong, it is no longer possible to repair such as the brake components or the lamps, for example. I use steel springs from the mattresses for this job, with very good results, as you can see

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