domingo, 23 de julho de 2017

Painting the main cover and brake assembly and driver's seat.
As they can see the images, the carriage is very close to the end of the construction, the showcase where it will be housed is already under construction, missing the final painting, as they see already took several layers of primary, if everything goes well I hope to end the Next week everything will be finished, because the assembly of all the details like the lamps and other accessories, are very demanding and delicate work.
Some more photos of progress.

 The various stages of painting the cover, the brake line and the driver's seat.

Window base construction, where the carriage will be housed, still need to paint, the color will be black, condition with the base color of the carriage, the glass is in acrylic glass 3 mm thick, the next step will be the assembly of All accessories such as lamps etc

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